Vocal Recording

Need your vocal tracks laid down? We can engineer your next vocal session using one of our state of the art recording studios. Or come to a studio location of your choice.Learn More

Music Production

Need Music? we can write and produce something specifically for you. Or you can choose from some of our songs in our catalog for your next project. We can also score soundtracks for your next TV or Movie project.Learn More

Looking for Producers

We are always looking for new talent and partners.  oh did i mention we have cool swag for our production family?Learn More

Play with emphasis

What does this Marcato thing mean?  Simply put we want our music to stand out. We want your productions to stand out.

What makes us unique and better than the competition? We’re small. We don’t have extreme budgets and loads of staff we need to pay. We want to work with you and will give your project(s) our best.

Your success is our success.


Next Steps…

Get your music started today! We are currently working on publishing our preview catalog online. but please feel free to check out some of our work. Play samples