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Island Xclusive

FEVA TV promotes and projects culture. From African, Caribbean, US, Europe, South America and beyond. Broadcasting to Canadians  Rogers Cable on channel 670 and through Bell Fibe on channel 2462.

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Haiti Fashion
St. Lucia

A Jeanille Bonterre Entertainment Inc. production. This dynamic company will continue to set its mark on the industry for years to come.



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Nexus Networks

brings the heart and soul of the Caribbean to you. , Nexus captures it all in high-quality format with its team of experienced and professional producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, videographers, photographers, editors, designers and artists from around the region who all represent the Caribbean's finest.

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Camen Islands
Trinidad & Tobago
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Milton Keynes

X22 Film Productions, we pride ourselves on bringing together talented Actors, Script Writers, Composers and Film Crews to make movies. We produce and promote the very best of independent films, from shorts to features, documentaries, and commercials, we cover it all. Our aim is to showcase and highlight the unseen talent of our time and to preserve it on film forever.

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